Box 1796      
Savannah, Ga. 
      April 13, 1949

The Gerontological Society
Baltimore City Hospital
Baltimore, Md.


     Working in private research, I have apparently made certain discoveries which seem to indicate they would have a definite effect on longevity. As a society member I am communicating a brief outline.

[Picture]      I am accumulating additional information to safeguard this work from undue optimism and am preparing a paper a copy of which will be sent to you, entitled, Certain Discoveries and Researches Leading to the Removal of Early Traumatic Experiences Including Attempted Abortion, Birth Shock and Infant Illnesses and Accidents with an Examination of their Effects Physiological and Psychological and their Potential Influence on Longevity on the Adult Individual with an Account of the Techniques Evolved and Employed.

     A very brief resume of this work follows: In an effort to evolve a better clinical approach to the treatment of certain neuroses and psychoses, to permanently relieve psycho-somatic ills and to investigate some of the longevity factors, an extensive investigation of the early work of Freud was undertaken and revealed certain premises. First amongst these was the belief that the unconscious mind recalled birth shock. Lack of technology made it impossible for Freud to pursue that work at that time. By making changes in the practices of narcosynthesis and combining it with certain techniques of hypnosis but employing no positive suggestion or other therapy peculiar to hypnosis, a trance state was induced in patients and, with these evolved techniques, they were induced to recall the birth trauma. A series of twenty cases was examined. Eight of the first ten recalled birth. New significance was found in traumatic experience and a method was evolved to remove early traumas completely. During therapy on the next ten cases, in four subjects earlier traumatic experience was found to precede birth such as accident to the mother and attempted abortion and these traumas were removed in order to reach and relieve the birth shock. In each case treated the removal of the early traumas brought about a marked improvement in the psychological and physiological health of the adult, a removal of psychoses and psycho-somatic illnesses such as arthritis, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, peptic ulcers and chronic headaches including one migraine, the only patient so suffering.




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